After co-hosting more than a dozen Website Throwdown webinars, providing 100+ schools with feedback in 2016, Finalsite CIO Angelo Otterbein summarizes the top 10 things schools need to stop, start, and keep doing (but only better!) on their website in the new year.

In this webinar you will learn: 
  • New trends to take advantage of to nudge out the competition
  • Which out-dated web trends you need to ditch in 2017
  • Some things you might be doing on your website that are actually hurting your online presence and inquiry traffic
  • Effective strategies and best practices to make the most of your website
Angelo_Otterbein-3.jpgABOUT ANGELO OTTERBEIN
Angelo graduated valedictorian from St. Paul's School in Baltimore, MD and from Princeton University. Despite getting his degree in creative writing and English Literature, it generally takes some doing to keep him from programming and breaking websites. Just after graduating, he started Silverpoint, and grew it to over 300 schools worldwide before merging with Finalsite in 2013.