For more than a decade, Finalsite has been known for being the trailblazer in the education web design sphere. So, each year, we look at what works well online, what changes and what we can do to enhance the user experience. 

Join Finalsite's UK Production Manager Kealan Duffy and award-winning Senior Designer Julianne Hamilton in this webinar to learn what's new in school web design, and everything else your school needs to know about improving its website in the coming year.

In this webinar you will learn the most popular web design trends for 2018 and: 
  • Why your school needs them
  • How to implement them
  • How they improve the UX for prospective and current families
As UK Production Manager at Finalsite, Kealan oversees the designers and developers in our UK office to deliver innovative and engaging websites to clients across the globe. He has a strong passion for audience-driven web design and has been working closely with schools since 2009 to understand their needs and lead the creative direction of their projects.




julianne_hamilton_250x250-edited.jpegABOUT JULIANNE HAMILTON
As a Senior Designer at Finalsite, Julianne partners with clients to create beautiful, user-centered websites. She is an avid traveler and spent a year teaching English in Japan — which explains why storytelling vibrancy are at the heart of her work. Julianne invites you to suggest an on-site design session with her – especially if your school is located in Hawaii, Alaska, or anywhere overseas.