LIVE WEBINAR |  Thurs. 26 April @ 10:00 AM BST 

Production Manager Kealan Duffy shares his secret school story recipe! Start with your positioning mix in your mission, ethos and values, add a dollop of strengths and differentiators, sprinkle on community and culture and present your school in a nutshell! Visit examples of award winning school websites, reinvigorate your brand and get a fresh perspective of how to tell your #schoolstories through web design.

Join Kealan in this webinar to learn which elements of design can help bring your school's story to life on your website.

In this webinar, you will learn: 
  • How to tell a story through web design
  • What questions you should ask about your audience
  • How to be bring emotion and authenticity into your stories
  • The craft of balancing visual and written storytelling 
  • How to effectively use infographics, animation and create micro-interactions.
As UK Production Manager at Finalsite, Kealan oversees the designers and developers in our UK office to deliver innovative and engaging websites to clients across the globe. He has a strong passion for audience-driven web design and has been working closely with schools since 2009 to understand their needs and lead the creative direction of their projects.