You've already paid for the click, so how can you be sure your website visitor converts? Join Manager of Consulting Services Red Abbott and Product Manager Alex Wack to learn best practices for high-converting landing pages, and how to quickly build them using Finalsite, CMS Composer.

In this webinar you will learn: 
  • When and how to use targeted landing pages
  • The qualities of a high-converting landing page
  • How to write compelling website content that prompts a form submission
  • How to use Composer, Finalsite's CMS, to build custom landing pages for every purpose
  • Composer's top modules for online storytelling to encourage conversions
redabbott-200px.jpgABOUT RED ABBOTT
Red leads our team of experts who have your back when it comes to organic online searches and ads. With a long history in independent schools — as an alum, former teacher, dorm parent, coach, and now a current parent — his passion for helping you is rooted deep in his own experiences. Alongside his degree in engineering and a master’s in school leadership, it’s easy to see why clients say Red “gets them” when they discuss marketing strategy!


alexwack.jpgABOUT ALEX WACK
Alex started at Finalsite in 2009 as a development intern and transitioned to a role as Product Manager for Payments, Forms Manager and Registration Manager. In 2012 he took over as Product Manager for Composer and has been its Maestro ever since!