Does the admissions section on your site excite or deter prospective families? Submit it to find out!

In this webinar, President of Enrollment Catalyst Rick Newberry and Finalsite Director of Client Success (and admissions veteran) Tim McDonough will critique schools’ admissions pages LIVE, while sharing best practices for what can fuel or clog the admissions funnel. You can submit your admissions landing page, inquiry page, tuition page, or "why" page for feedback.

Rick and Tim will provide feedback on:

  • Overall design and aesthetics
  • Value proposition
  • Content
  • Photography and visuals
  • Forms
  • Inbound marketing potential and hurdles

Curious about how your school’s site fares? Submit it for feedback by Tuesday, October 3.

ricknew-637768-edited.pngABOUT RICK NEWBERRY 
Rick Newberry, Ph.D., is the President of Enrollment Catalyst. Rick partners with school administrators to provide coaching and consulting in enrollment management and marketing systems, strategies, and solutions needed to reach their goals.



Tim-McDonough-200px.jpgABOUT TIM MCDONOUGH
As a member of the Finalsite team since 2011, Tim has helped hundreds of schools build websites tailored to their specific needs. Previously working in both higher ed and secondary ed admissions, Tim's work in education began in 1996, making him a valued expert on our team. If he's not on the road speaking at a conference or workshop, you can find him spending time with his family, rooting for the Celtics, going for a run, or enjoying a good cup of coffee.