If your school receives any amount of federal funding (be it $500 or $50,000) you are required, under both Title II and Title III of the ADA to offer a fully accessible website. If your website is not accessible, you are open to the risk of receiving an OCR demand letter — AKA a fine for your website's non-accessible content.

Accessibility and compliance isn't just something that affects public schools, but it is also imperative in both the higher ed and private school sectors.

Join members of the Finalsite and AudioEye teams to learn:

  • Why schools may be subject to fines and OCR violation letters  
  • What the current legal landscape looks like
  • Which schools may be at risk, and why
  • What the current laws and regulations are
  • Suggestions for risk mitigation  
Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies (CPACC)
A member of the AudioEye, Inc. team since 2013, Ty D’amore is a leader in the accessibility space and vocal advocate for digital inclusivity. Instrumental in developing and managing the partnership with Finalsite, Ty specializes in managing the seamless integration of AudioEye into third-party platforms. Heading up the management of accounts and customer training, Ty possesses an in-depth understanding of the legal and technical demands of ADA-related digital accessibility requirements. Ty participates on the Member Committee of the International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP), and is also involved with the mentoring program for the Rising Leaders of the U.S. Business Leaders Network (USBLN). The longest tenured member of the Marketing & Sales team, Ty, along with the entirety of the AudioEye team, is focused on the importance of making digital content more accessible and more usable for more people.