Revisit 10 key parts of your admission process


Tips and insights from

for enrollment success


7+ worksheets to guide you through

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Topics We'll Cover:

✔ Chapter 1: Goal setting 
✔ Chapter 2: Inquiries
✔ Chapter 3: Applications
✔ Chapter 4: Interviews
✔ Chapter 5: Admission Events 
✔ Chapter 6: Marketing
✔ Chapter 7: Communications
✔ Chapter 8: Ambassador Programs
✔ Chapter 9: Website
✔ Chapter 10: Finding More Students

What you'll find inside

Here are a few of the worksheets included in our Admission Refresh Handbook.

Marketing checklist

Make sure you've developed every aspect of your marketing plan.


Admission Event Planner

Determine how you'll run your virtual, in-person, or hybrid events this year.


Game Plan for Attracting Students

Decide which inquiry-driving efforts you'll focus on and how to execute those efforts.